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Welcome to PolyCan Health Centre

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

PolyCan Health Centre has opened a multi-disciplinary public health care services clinic in the new and growing Burnaby Mountain community of UniverCity. In addition to providing the first publicly available, on-mountain health care centre to a new residential community, PolyCan Health Centre will also serve the population of students, faculty members, and staffs at the adjacent campuses of Simon Fraser University (SFU) and Fraser International College. The clinic will also provide much-needed services to the surrounding communities.

Our Story

PolyCan Health Centre has been in business since 2020 as a 20,000 square foot multidisciplinary facility, thieved to provide a team-based care, a variety of services to ensure the well-being of everyone. Services currently available includes family healthcare & walk-in clinic, preventative care, women’s health, men’s health, sports medicine and pain management, physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Registered Acupuncture and . We are on our way expanding services such as surgical, day surgery.

Our physicians, physiotherapists, massage therapists, registered dietitians, registered nurses, imaging technicians, lab technicians and medical staff will be experts in their field bringing together a strong and knowledgeable team in order to provide dedicated, compassionate and world class quality health care to patients on their terms.

We are partnering with SFU Medical School, UBC Medical School regarding using the facility for teaching and research.

Official Statement

PolyCan Health Centre Founders and Leadership Structure

We are pleased to officially acknowledge the founding members and leadership structure of the PolyCan Health Centre, a pioneering institution committed to advancing healthcare and wellness initiatives. The PolyCan Health Centre was established in 2018 through the generous funding and vision of Andrew Mai, MD., along with the collaboration of three esteemed co-founders: Jack Taunton, MD., Grant Stewart, MD., and Don Nixdorf, DC.

The following individuals have played crucial roles in the formation and leadership of the PolyCan Health Centre:

Andrew Mai, MD. – President & CEO
Dr. Andrew Mai’s visionary commitment and financial support were instrumental in the establishment of the PolyCan Health Centre. As President & CEO, Dr. Mai continues to guide the institution towards its mission of delivering innovative healthcare solutions and fostering community well-being.

Jack Taunton, MD. – Honorary Chairman
Dr. Jack Taunton, as Honorary Chairman, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the PolyCan Health Centre. His contributions have been invaluable in shaping the center’s strategic direction and ensuring its alignment with the highest standards of medical practice.

Grant Stewart, MD. – Chairman of the Board of Advisors (BOA)
Dr. Grant Stewart’s leadership as Chairman of the Board of Advisors underscores his dedication to the PolyCan Health Centre’s growth and success. Dr. Stewart’s insights guide the center’s long-term vision and engagement with the medical community.

Don Nixdorf, DC. – Vice Chair of the Board of Advisors (BOA)
Dr. Don Nixdorf’s role as Vice Chair of the Board of Advisors highlights his commitment to promoting interdisciplinary approaches to healthcare at the PolyCan Health Centre. His chiropractic expertise enriches the center’s holistic approach to wellness.

The collaborative efforts of these visionary individuals have laid the foundation for a transformative healthcare institution dedicated to providing innovative services, advanced medical practices, and community-focused wellness initiatives. The PolyCan Health Centre remains steadfast in its commitment to improving the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

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PolyCan Health Centre is offering world class health care services to individuals and families on Burnaby Mountain and surrounding communities. PolyCan Health Centre seeks to provide comprehensive services of the regulated health professions of BC.


World Class Health Care

A strong and knowledgeable team of experts dedicated to compassionate and world class quality health care on your terms.

A First on Burnaby Mountain

PolyCan Health Centre is the only multidisciplinary public clinic on Burnaby Mountain.

Clinical Excellence

Clinical excellence must be the priority for all of our healthcare providers.