Kinesiology is the study of physical activities and human movements and its impact on health, society, and quality of life. A kinesiologist is a graduate of a bachelor’s program in Human Kinetics. Practitioners utilize this expertise by providing programs such as sport-specific strength and conditioning programs and personal fitness programs.

Kinesiologist can help with a condition such as:
– Muscle problems
– Regaining strength from injuries
– Stress
– Behavioral conditions
– Chronic health conditions
– And so much more!

Before the session, dress comfortably (to exercise) and bring a water bottle. There is going to be a medical questionnaire and a verbal health questionnaire to see the reason for the visit. During the initial consultation, you will discuss information related to health and injuries, there will be a physical ability assessment including range of motions. Each exercise program will be individualized specifically by using a program called Physiotec. You may also be advised to see other professionals such as physiotherapist, chiropractors, or massage therapist.

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