An essential therapy for injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Our registered massage therapists (RMTs) don’t just treat your symptoms. They carefully consider your medical history, areas of concern, level and type of pain and how your condition restricts your performance and/or daily activities.

Our Registered Massage Therapy team focuses on restoring function, reducing pain, increasing mobility, strengthening muscles and stabilizing joints through a variety of programs and techniques specifically designed for the patient to return to work faster, heal more effectively, get back into the game or improve quality of life. Registered Massage Therapy after an accident, work or sports injury is an overall wellness strategy involving multiple Polycan Health Centre professionals and the Polycan Health Centre Registered Massage Therapy team is dedicated to restore, maintain and promote optimal physical function and optimal wellness and fitness.

They develop a treatment plan based on your individual needs – one that will lead to lasting results.

Each appointment includes:

  • Assessment and evaluation of your symptoms and condition;
  • Treatment can include manual therapies, therapeutic exercise, hydrotherapy and/or education;
  • Recommendations, including home care and treatment frequency.
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