Nutritional Services

Maximizing potential by improving nutrition.

Our dietitians provide a wide variety of nutrition education and support for active individuals to professional athletes.

Services range from daily nutrition, to injury prevention and healing, to sport-specific fueling and hydration strategies to meet the demands of training and competition.

We also offer custom services for teams and groups, including group assessments and a wide range of seminars and workshops on sport and corporate nutrition. Contact us with your team needs so we can customize a package right for you.

At PolyCan Health Centre, we believe in an integrated approach to health and wellness. Our sport dietitian team works in collaboration with other practitioners in our multi-disciplinary team, to ensure you are receiving the best rehabilitation and customized training plan to reach your health, fitness or performance goals.


Your first appointment starts with a comprehensive nutrition assessment to cover your goals and medical history. Based on this, we will discuss nutrition strategies that work best for you, and put together a customized nutrition plan. We will email the summary of recommendations and plan within 1-2 business days.

Dietitian Packages


  • Initial Appointments 60 Minutes $140
  • Subsequent Appointments:
    • 30 Minutes $70
    • 45 Minutes $105
    • 60 Minutes $140
  • Individualized Meal Plan $125
  • Complementary 15 Minute Consultation

Kickstarter $200

  • Initial 60 minute consultation
  • One 30 minute follow up

RECOMMENDED FOR: people who are looking to improve their diet, but are not exactly sure how to make that first step and in which direction to go. Or people who have already made improvements to their diet, but would like to see if they are on the right track, meeting all of their nutritional needs, and would like further suggestions for improvements. Great for ensuring you are meeting your needs on a vegetarian or vegan diet, or for balancing your meals and meal timing for physical activity.”

Nutritional Recharge $315

  • Initial 60 minute consultation
  • Three 30 minute follow up sessions

RECOMMENDED FOR: those looking for a little extra support and accountability. This package includes two additional sessions that will allow us more time together to dive deeper into education and recommendations. At our follow-up sessions we will review your current progress, set new goals together, and find ways to overcome any challenges you may have come across in the process.

Comprehensive Health Package $510

  • Initial 60 minute consultation
  • Three 30 minute follow up sessions
  • Food journal analysis
  • Individualized meal plan

RECOMMENDED FOR: the competitive athlete or those with more comprehensive nutrition goals. This package features an all-inclusive dietary review and personalized plan to help build the skills and habits required to meet your health or sport performance goals.