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* Customers are fully responsible for understanding the requirements of their destination country as well as the airline they are flying with, and for choosing an appropriate collection date and time. Customers must ensure to specify the destination country when booking their appointment in order to ensure they receive any approved/required documentation for their destination.

PolyCan Health Centre is the healthcare partner authorized by Chinese Embassy in Canada, Air Canada, and Fraser Health Authority, BC

Currently we are in promotion until April 30th.

Promotion - Fit to Fly PCR Test 核酸(+抗体) 检测

Price: $250.00

Fit to Fly Test, you will the get result in about 1 to 2 days. If you need requisition form to do antibody test, additional $50 will be collected. Antibody test will be done at LifeLabs for $75. 如果您需要抗体测试申请表,将收取额外的 $50。抗体测试将在LifeLabs进行, LifeLabs将额外收取 $75 。

On Site Fit to Fly Test(私人上门检测)

On site Fit to Fly Test, you will the get result in about 1-2 days. WE WILL GO TO YOUR HOME TO DO THE TEST.(核酸检测试结果大约在1-2天内通知,无需提早预约,工作人员上门做检测,3-5 人,以加币结算)

Call 604-545-0991 (English) for details

致电 604-545-0993 (中文)了解上门服务详情

PolyCan Health Centre is a partner with Air Canadato provice "Fit to Fly program" in Canada and USA.

®Air Canada and the Air Canada Maple Leaf logo are registered trademarks of Air Canada, used under permission. MD Air Canada et le logo Feuille d’érable d’Air Canada sont des marques déposées d’Air Canada.

Please Pickup a Testing Day 请选择测试日期

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*Travelers to China should pickup a time 7:00 -7:45 AM,去中国客户测试时间不应迟于7:45 AM
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