Multidisciplinary health care services

PolyCan Health Centre will provide walk-in and urgent care services accessible to the community of over 50,000 including the students, faculty, staff and families living and working on Burnaby Mountain. Up until now there has been no access to general primary health care services within the community. The Burnaby Mountain community will also gain access to multidisciplinary services in family health care & walk-in care, women’s health, surgical daycare, plastic surgery, sports medicine, ophthalmology, chiropractic, rehabilitation, acupuncture, pain management, preventative care and medical diagnostic imaging services.

PolyCan Health Centre will offer world class public health care services to individuals and families on Burnaby Mountain and surrounding communities. PolyCan Health Centre seeks to provide comprehensive services of the regulated health professions of BC.

Available Services


Family Health Care and Walk-In Care

Women’s Health

Surgical Daycare

Aesthetic Medicine

Sports Medicine





Pain Management

Preventative Care

Medical Diagnostic Imaging