Covid-19 Testing Update

Covid-19 Testing FAQs

1. SFU寶麗医疗中心联手LifeLabs Canada全力配合近期赴华航班需“双阴”的登机要求,为旅华人士提供核酸及抗体双检测服务。 当您来到我们的诊所进行 PCR 测试时,我们将为您提供申请表,然后您可以带着申请表到 LifeLab 服务中心进行血清测试, 当您到达患者服务中心时,将直接向 LifeLab 支付 75 元的检测费用。
We are providing both PCR and antibody test for travelling purpose, if you require an antibody test, we will provide a requisition form to you when you come in to our clinic for a PCR test and then you may take the requisition form to a LifeLab patient service centre to do your antibody test, there will be a $75 fee that will be paid to LifeLab directly when you arrive at their patient service centre.

2. 在安排预约之前,请阅读我们的常见问题页面
Before you schedule your appointment, please read our FAQ page

3. 如果需要更改预约时间,请在本站登录您的账号,找到您的相应预约记录,按Reschedule图标就可以更改您的预约时间;见附图。
For rescheduling of appointment, please login into your account at and find the one that you want to reschedule, click rescheduling icon to rebook your date and time. Below is a sample diagram for rescheduling. 如果因为航班取消而需要更改预约时间,请出示航班取消证明。
If Rescheduling because of cancellation of flight, please provide proof.

4. 为适应中国政府的新政策,我们于周一至周五上午 7 点至下午 2 点开放,周六/周日上午 7 点开放至中午 12 点。
To accommodate to the new policy from Government of China, we are now opened Monday – Friday 7am – 2pm and Saturday/Sunday 7am – 12pm.
If you have trouble booking online, please send us an email at

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