We conduct a nasal swab test which is highly recommended by the CDC. This is a highly accurate PCR NAAT test which is the gold standard for COVID-19 testing. The process is described to be slightly uncomfortable, but not painful.

Once the sample is collected, it is sent to Lifelabs, the only accredited lab in BC to process the test.

The turnaround time is about 48-72 hours, we are unable to guarunee that results will come out in 72 hours however. You calculate the 48-72 hours from 9pm on the date you did your test, NOT THE TIME THAT YOU DID YOUR TEST.

For example, if you did your test on September 26 12pm, you start counting from 48-72 hours from September 26 9pm.

Your appointment should be made 4-5 days before your flight, depending whether it is a morning or night flight.

On your appointment day, please arrive on time to the clinic.
Please make sure you:
1. WEAR A FACE MASK before entering the clinic.
2. CLEAN YOUR HANDS when you enter and leave the clinic.
3. Bring a government issues photo ID.
There are no other special preparations required.

Samples will be sent to LifeLabs at the same day. After the test is complete, they will send us the report. We will immediately email you a certificate with your details and the date and time of your negative test result.

No, screening tests for employment, travel, or school are not covered by public health services as these reasons fall outside of BC public health recommendations that is outlined in the testing guidelines according to BCCDC.

Yes, LifeLab has told us that results will still be sent to us during the weekend.

No, testing are through online appointment only.

The clinic is located at 205-9055 University High Street, Burnaby, BC

Please email info@polycanhealthcentre.com, we aim to reply your email within 24 hours.