Covid-19 Testing FAQs

Covid-19 Testing FAQs

What test is used for COVID-19? COVID-19 使用什么测试?

We conduct a nasal swab test which is highly recommended by the CDC. This is a highly accurate PCR NAAT test which is the gold standard for COVID-19 testing. The process is described to be slightly uncomfortable, but not painful.

Which lab is being used? 使用哪个实验室?

Once the sample is collected, it is sent to Lifelabs, this is the only accredited lab in BC to process the test.
收集样品后,样品将会被送到 Lifelabs,这是不列颠哥伦比亚省唯一经过认证处理测试的实验室。

What is the cost of the test? 测试的费用是多少?

PCR test starts from $250, with a non-refundable $165 deposit.
The $75 will be paid to LifeLab directly if need AB Test.
不可退还定金为 $165 。

Can deposit be refund or transferred? 押金可以退款或转给别人吗?

No. 不可以。

When will I get my result after my test? 测试后我什么时候能拿到报告?

We are currently seeing reports coming in 1-2 calendar dates after the date of test. However, it may take up more than 2 days.
我们目前看到报告在测试日期之后 1-2 天出来。但是,也有可能需要长时间。

Which date should I make my appointment for? 我应该预约哪一天做测试?

We recommend that you have your sample collection 2-3 days before your flight.
我们建议您在航班起飞前 2-3 天收集样品。

What do I do on the day of my appointment? 预约当天我需要做什么?

On your appointment day, please arrive on time to the clinic. Please make sure you:
1. WEAR A FACE MASK before entering the clinic.
2. CLEAN YOUR HANDS when you enter and leave the clinic.
3. Bring a government issues photo ID.
There are no other special preparations required.
1. 进入诊所前佩戴口罩。
2. 当您进入和离开诊所时,清洁你的手。
3. 携带有照片的证件。

What happens after my test? 测试后会发生什么?

Samples will be sent to LifeLabs at the same day. After the test is complete, they will send us the report. We will immediately email you a travel certificate with your details and the date and time of your negative test result.
样品将在同一天发送到 LifeLabs。测试完成后,他们将向我们发送报告。我们会立即通过电子邮件将您的详细资料以及您的测试结果通过电子邮件发送给您。

Is this test covered by my Provincial MSP? 这个测试是否由我的省 MSP 涵盖?

No, screening tests for employment, travel, or school are not covered by public health services as these reasons fall outside of BC public health recommendations that is outlined in the testing guidelines according to BCCDC.
不可以,公共卫生服务不包括对就业、旅行或学校的筛查测试,因为这些原因不属于 BC 公共卫生建议需要测试的要求。

Will results come out during the weekend? 结果会在周末出来吗?

This will be possible.

Is Walk-In Accepted? 可以不预约直接进来测试吗?

Yes, it will be treated as a walk-in test

Where is the clinic located? 诊所在哪里?

The clinic is located at 102-9055 University High Street, Burnaby, BC
诊所位于102-9055 University High Street, Burnaby, BC
Polycan Health Centre is one of assigned clinics by Consulate General of China in Vancouver

"HDC" Mark for China-bound Foreign Passengers

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Who should I contact if I cannot reach you by phone? 如果我无法通过电话联系到您,我应该联系谁?

Please email, we aim to reply your email within 24 hours.

We are doing our best to accommodate you before your essential travel, but we make no promises that you will receive results before your travel date.
We are not processing your test — but LifeLabs does.
The RT-PCR COVID-19 test is conducted by LifeLabs and is the only accredited laboratory in BC to perform the test. However, it is not 100% accurate.
We do not hold any responsibility if you are denied boarding of your flight, or denied entry into your connecting or final destination as a result of the COVID-19 testing and letter of health you receive from us.

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