Project Description

Women’s Health

Women’s health care isn’t a one size fits all approach. Your prevention and care programs can be unique to your needs to address specific issues and take steps to maintain well-being and optimal health. Our physicians and therapists will create a program and plan to improve energy, fight the signs of aging, promote lifestyle balance, achieve hormonal balance and address all aspects of well-being including physical, nutritional and emotional support.


Breast mammography has become the standard breast screening tool in the detection and treatment of early stage breast cancers. Mammograms have significantly reduced breast cancer mortality in women.

ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound System)

ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound System) builds upon the advancements in screening and detection through 3D ultrasound by providing physicians with a 3D volumetric scan of a breast in less time. Radiologists and physicians can now digitally examine throughout all tissue layers from any angle. ABUS significantly increases scanning sensitivity versus traditional mammogram technology resulting in earlier detection success rates.

We combine our diagnostic and treatment programs with a holistic approach and expertise provided by our diagnostic and treatment physicians, surgeons, nurses, therapists and medical support staff through state of the art MRI, x-ray and ultrasound diagnostic equipment.

Learn more about innovative breast cancer screening for women with dense breast tissue.

More Services

PolyCan Health Centre will provide walk-in and urgent care services accessible to the community of students, faculty, staff and families living and working on Burnaby Mountain. Up until now there has been no access to general primary healthcare services within the community. The Burnaby Mountain community will also gain access to multidisciplinary services involving family healthcare & walk-in care, women’s health, surgical daycare, plastic surgery, sports medicine, ophthalmology, chiropractic, rehabilitation, acupuncture, pain management, preventative care and medical diagnostic imaging services.

PolyCan Health Centre will offer world class service to individuals and families seeking immediate access to high quality health care. PolyCan Health Centre believes people have a right to health care choice on their terms and will connect patients to private health care services faster where wait times are measured in days not weeks or months. PolyCan Health Centre will be a proud member of the Burnaby Mountain community.