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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has evolved over thousands of years, being one of the oldest medical systems practiced globally. TCM practitioners use various psychological and/or physical approaches (such as acupuncture and tai chi) and herbal products to address health problems.

TCM is the practice of holistic medicine based on the theory of Yi Jing and traditional healing wisdom and primarily utilizes two methods of treatment: acupuncture and herbal medicine. Acupuncture is the application of needles in different lengths, sometimes with the combination of moxibustion. The doctor would insert needles into different points on the body to achieve therapeutic effects such as dispersing the accumulation of dampness and coldness inside the body, relieving pain, enhancing metabolism and blood circulation. Acupuncture is also applicable for cosmetic purposes such as wrinkle reduction and face lifting. Herbal medicine is another method commonly used to treat illnesses. The holistic approach will effectively enhance one’s general health condition and reinforce the body against potential pathogens.

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中醫是歷史深遠的傳統整體醫學,通過辨證論治思維制定治療方案,並採用主要針灸和中藥兩種方式治療。 針灸是通過使用不同長度針具進行手法|各異的針刺達到疏經通絡, 活血化瘀,散寒止痛,和解陰陽的功能。中藥則在經過醫生辯證評估整體狀況後採用本草中藥配方調理身體狀況慢性病,功能性改變病証及疑難雜症最適用中醫,逐漸將身體恢復至平衡的狀態。 通過望聞問切看診,把脈剖析疾病的本質。 目前葆利醫學中心中醫部在資深中醫團隊支持下,開展了許多獨到的服務,治療眼科疾病如乾眼症,近視,弱視,散光,黃斑部病變,眼痛,視疲勞, 疑難雜症如視網膜色素變性, 精神壓力問題如失眠,抑鬱,焦慮症,婦科問題痛經,經前期綜合征,停經,不孕不育,代謝性疾病如腎上腺疲勞綜合征,糖尿病,消化系統問題如 消化不良, 腹脹腹痛,肠易激综合征 (IBS), 以及更多。歡迎您即刻預約看診了解我們專業的中醫治療



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