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Dr. Weidong Yu

Dr. Weidong Yu graduated from Shandong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1983, where he studied both Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine for five years, to earn a Bachelor of Medicine degree.

In 1991, he earned a Master’s degree in Public Health from the School of Public Health, Free University of Brussels, Belgium.Dr. Yu has practiced both Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine at Binzhou Medical College Hospital as a resident physician.

He also worked as an Assistant Research Fellow at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, the best research institute in Chinese medicine in China.Dr. Yu is the author of more than 30 publications in both Chinese and English medical literature, and lectures internationally.

He is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California, United States and a Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

于卫东醫生1983年毕业于山东中医药大学 他在大学期间學習了关於西医和中医医学知识,之后于医生到了比利时的布鲁塞尔自由大学公共卫生学院进修,并在1991年取得了公共卫生的硕士学位。 于医生更在北京的 中国中医研究院 做为研究助理工作了好几年,并在期间还出版了30多本中西医的相关书籍。 多年的中医研究和临床实践让于医生对于中医治疗有着独到的体会和方式。 目前医生是持有美国加州执照的针灸医师以及加拿大BC省注册的高级中医师。

Dr. Jim (Jimiao) Han

Dr. Jim (Jimiao) Han, Registered Acupuncturist and Herbalist of BC Canada, graduated from Shandong University of TCM as PhD, and has been practicing for over 20 years.In his practice, Dr. Han helped quite a lot of people become healthy again. His high-quality treatment and kindness are very welcomed by his patients.
As a holistic medicine doctor, he had helped people with different problems, such as physical pain, mental health, immunity disorder, fertility, digestive diseases, and cancer treatment.

Currently, he focuses on health problems as below:

  • Body pain
  • Depression, anxiety, insomnia
  • Infertility

韩医生是BC省注册 的针灸师和中药师,毕业于山东中医药大学并取得博士学位 ,行医已有20多年并帮助了许多患者恢复健康,他高明的医术及温暖的为人都受到许多病人的称赞和爱戴。 作为一名整体医学的医者, 韩医生主治从头到脚的不同疾病,包括痛证、心理健康、生殖生育、免疫功能失调、消化系统问题以及癌症。 目前韩医生专治身体疼痛 、抑郁、失眠以及不孕不育。

Dr. Grace Wang

Registered Acupuncturist, BC TCM Doctor of Canada.

Specialize in:

- relieving and treating acute and chronic pain, musculoskeletal & soft tissue pain, as well as dysmenorrhea, headaches etc.

- Anxiety, insomnia

- Cosmetic Acupuncture: skin care, firmness, remove wrinkes, defer aging; weight control;

- Body disorders

Came from Doctors of TCM family for generations, start to learn TCM very early, for almost 20 years. Graduated from China Renmin university.

Graduated from Canadian public school, KPU for Acupuncture further study

Grace Wang, 是加拿大注册针炙师,主治各类急、慢性疼痛,包括:背、肩、颈部疼痛,肌肉骨骼痛,软组织痛,以及痛经、头痛,焦虑失眠等; 同时擅长针灸美容,去皱,减龄及瘦身减肥。

Grace 出身于中医世家,很早就开始学习中医技能,已研习中医近20年。先后毕业于中国人民大学,加拿大昆特兰理工大学

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